About Us.

Our Story.

People may call us idealists, and so we are. Farming is part of our DNA and we truly love wat we do! We were inspired by a group of extraordinary people, farming families that have lived for generations in the village Pantano de Arce (Subachoque), Colombia. These amazing families, aware of the importance of their lands and their responsibility as keepers of an important ecosystem, decided to demonstrate they could grow food honestly and responsibly.  


We are part of ASOARCE, Agroecological Farmers Association of Pantano de Arce, a non-profit association. Our group has proven that small-scale farmers in the high mountains, working solidarity in community, can become strategic managers of agro-ecological practices. We are restoring degraded soils from intensive agriculture, potatoes mono-crops and cattle to sustainable agroforestry models, with multiple varieties and reforesting with native trees.

We are committed to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, aligned to local regulations.


Together, we can contribute to build a better, greener and cleaner world!

Our Paramo.

Here, where clouds turn into life, is the beginning of a magical phenomenon that produces the most important resource on earth: Water. Discover how the Paramos transform clouds into water. 

Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.



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Demostration Farm in AgroForestal Restoration .

Discover how we are restoring and reforesting soils that are degradated and deforested.