Paramo of Guerrero.


Source of life.


It is estimated that each square meter of Paramo produces up to 1 liter of water per day​.


Páramos are key pieces in the regulation of the water cycles and climate mitigation, they are collectors and suppliers of high quality drinking water. Páramos capture and store CO2 coming from the atmosphere acting as carbon sinks.


Colombia holds 50% of all Páramos of the planet. With an extension of 2,9 million hectares, they provide 70% of all freshwater to the Colombian population as well as a rich biodiversity of fauna and flora:

• 68 species of frailejones
• 4,700 plants (60% endemic)
• 70 mammals
• 15 reptiles
• 90 amphibians
• 154 birds
•> 130 butterflies

Reconversion models to restore deforested lands.


Páramo of Guerrero has suffered the highest transformation rate in Colombia with a surface alteration index of >70% due to the expansion of the agricultural frontier, changes in production systems and mining.


Establishing community reconversion models in Páramo of Guerrero is an alternative answer to restoring the deforested lands and degraded soils into sustainable agro-foresty models.

Together, we can protect our water treasures ...

for the future of the new generations.

To learn more about our project, get to know our farmers:

One Hectare Of A Protected Paramo Can Capture Up To 200 Tons Of CO2 In One Year.


Of Guerrero.